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 Post subject: Conc barb
PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:56 pm 

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Hey guys,

What skill layout do you conc barb players use in HU? seems alot different from what i can see in the skill trees!

Ive finished normal with my zeal pally and maul druid, now im going to try normal with a conc barb and see which of the 3 is the most fun/ready to go further with due to the difficulty of this game ;) heh. I thought the werebear was stronger than zeal pally imo?

Thanks for the help!


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 Post subject: Re: Conc barb
PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:43 pm 

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there may be better layouts than this one but i've thought about going, max increased stamina, bo, conc and probably whatever weapon mast you plan on using. you could then add the extra points into whatever you would want, maybe into zerk, maybe shout or iron skin. i'd recommend putting 1 point into WW, Battle Cry and battle command of course and at least 1 into zerk.

like i said theres other ways to go about a conc barb build, but this is just one i've thought about.

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 Post subject: Re: Conc barb
PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:36 pm 
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To be honest, I have only a frenzy barb, but I would imagine a conc barb something like this (in this order):
- 20 Battle Orders - a must have, your party will love you and the bonus life & mana is just too good
- 20 Increased Stamina - same, life is very important
- 20 Concentrate - obvious, if this is going to be your main attack
- 20 Mastery with weapon of choice - damage, attack, critical strike, everything you need.
+ 1 pointers, like most warcries, Increased Speed, Natural Resistance, Iron Skin, Berserk and Leap maybe
+ prerequisites.

The other points, according what you want, could be spent in many ways. If you want lots of defense (and some dmg reduction), Iron Skin; if you are a party guy, Shout. You could also max Stun or Berserk for the synergy.
I don't know about WW as I have never tried it, not even in normal d2 (yes, I know, shame on me, what kind of barb I am and such :P), but it might be good against trash.

Edit: uhh. I read the date as Jul 15, not Jun 15.. sorry for the necroing.

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