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 Post subject: Poison mods and poison skills
PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:31 am 
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Poison comes in two parts, a damage per second (DPS) and duration. Monsters can never be poisoned more than once, so the highest DPS poison replaces other sources even if the duration is lower.
100DPS 3sec + 200DPS 1sec = 100DPS replaced by 200DPS and all poison ends after 1sec.
200DPS 1sec + 100DPS 3sec = 200DPS for 1sec.
100DPS 3sec + 100DPS 10sec = 100DPS for 10sec.
100DPS 10sec + 100DPS 3sec = 100DPS for 10sec.

In HUv1.7 the duration is always 8 seconds for each poison mod on an item. If an item spawns with two poison mods (e.g. a prefix and suffix), then the durations get added together (so it's possible to find magic and rare items with 16 seconds duration. The DPS is always added together (so a rare item with a 100DPS prefix and 200DPS suffix should have 300DPS for 16 seconds).

When you have multiple items (stuff in sockets count as a separate item, but their stats will be shown on the item they're in), then the DPS is still added, but the durations are averaged. For example: PusSpitter has 100DPS for 16 seconds and 3 sockets, Gul Rune has 62 DPS for 8 seconds, PusSpitter with 3 Gul does 287DPS for 10 seconds (i.e. (100 + 3*62)DPS for (16+3*8)/4 Seconds). If you added more Gul runes to your armor and hat, then the duration would probably get closer to 8 seconds for the poison damage on your attacks, but it won't be clearly shown anywhere and it's becoming too small a difference for me to notice.

When a skill is involved, then the poison duration of the skill appears to override everything else, and in HUv1.7 poison skill durations are always 8 seconds. The DPS depends on what actually delivered the poison: was it a cloud spawned by the skill (in this case it uses the skill DPS), or was it the attack or projectile launched by the player (in this case it uses skill DPS + attack DPS). When you have two skills involved (i.e. Venom with PlagueJav), then I think the durations are averaged, but it might just use the highest duration (I haven't run tests on this, but I dimly recall exploiting this skill combo in HUv1.2ish). In HUv1.7 only an Assassin has access to Venom, so I think she's the only class that could take advantage of stacking Venom with either PoisonDagger, PoisonJav, PlagueJav, or CobraStrike (I'm not confident this will stack with Venom because the Nova effect is separate from the attack (kind of like a 100%onStrike PNova mod), but it's worth a try). The effect of stacking Venom with something like PlagueJav is that the monster hit will be affected by poison DPS of Venom + PlagueJav + EquipmentPois, while monsters hit by the cloud are just affected by PlagueJav.

In HUv1.7, PoisonDagger has both poison damage on it's attack (so you're welcome to add poison mods in your gear, they'll stack with the skill), and a cloud spawned where you've attacked. If your attack misses but the monsters are poisoned by the cloud, then the extra poison DPS in your gear shouldn't take effect. If that extra damage was important to you, then attack until you hit the monster.

In D2, Rabies is special. It is similar to the player creating a poisoning effect where the effect (rather than the poison) has the duration. If Rabies lasts 8 seconds, and the effect has already been around for 5 seconds before attaching to a new monster, then that monster will only be poisoned for the 3 remaining seconds of the effect. I haven't done much testing with Rabies, but I'm pretty sure the DPS won't be added to another source of poison (it'll replace it if Rabies is higher DPS), but I know that if that other source of poison ends before Rabies, then the monster will be re-poisoned by Rabies for the remainder of the Rabies effect.

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