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 Post subject: Returning for 1.6c fun :) Do hybrids work?
PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:16 pm 

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Myself and 2 friends have started up the mod (i played in 1.3 back in the day) Perhaps some of you remember me? i was mostly a big fat bear mauler.. My friend is a necro nerd so he'll obv necro and i think my other buddy wants to barb of some sort.

I'm looking for you guys that have crushed most of the content to help me out here. We want to be able to 3 man MOST of the content.

Since my friend is going barb i'll just assume we can make him some sort of useful tank and I assume my other friend should golem nec?. I'm looking to play some sort of boss helping/trash clearing hybrid. Does frostbite bear still work? Or am i better off with phoenix/light kick sin?.

I'd like to avoid any 'hold down right click and afk' melees like bear, but if that's the meta then whatever.

I'm open to playing anything suggest any 3 man team you think wont struggle with much.

Thanks guys! looking forward to rockin' some demons.

edit: I was told Rabies/Psn builds in general have been rendered useless for end game/bosses now. Is this for real?

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 Post subject: Re: Returning for 1.6c fun :) Do hybrids work?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:37 pm 
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I think frostbite animations were changed from hunger to feral animations in 1.5, so you cannot hit the previous attack speeds, but the per strike damage was ticked up to compensate. I have not played an ele melee in awhile, but they should be ok at least into NM without absurd gear. (i have solod each version of 1.6 with melee up to that point but have not made it to hell yet due to time)

Even with phys melee, you will need to break off more often than in 1.3. Damage spikes are a little more predictable and tamed comparatively, but lifeleech effectiveness, strengths of curses are weakened quite a bit. Also potions in 1.6c is partial strength partial hitpool.....this can be good or bad depending on how you like to play.

Poison has been weakened since 1.3. I honestly do not know where it is at the moment, but I would really only trust a few people to say if it is really weak or not.

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